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Roof Shingles


Homes can be damaged by hail, wind, rain, and other natural factors during heavy storms. It is important to repair many of these damages quickly to prevent leaks, damage to siding, or other damages that need to be fixed immediately.

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What Is Storm Damage Repair?

Wind, storms, and natural disasters damage the roof of your home, requiring repair. Typically, this involves fixing or replacing roofs, siding, gutters, windows, and other exterior components that can be damaged by flying debris or strong winds. In most cases, after a storm has passed, storm damage is repaired to fix leaking roofs, dangling gutters, or broken windows.


Roofing Damage

One of the most commonly damaged items during a storm is the roof of a home or business. The roof of a home or business takes the most damage during a storm since it is the highest point. With constant exposure to the elements, roofs can leak, blow off, get curled shingles, pond, and simply deteriorate over time. Several other roofs can be affected by improper repairs or poor construction, resulting in premature failure.


Gutter Damage

During storms, gutters are put to the test, and can easily become damaged. Leaves, twigs, and tree debris can clog gutters when it rains. When gutters become blocked, they can fill with water, causing stress to the mounting points. Snow, ice, and falling limbs can also cause gutters to fall, break, or become damaged as a result of a dangerous hazard. To ensure your gutter system works properly all year round, Tryggr Roofing & Construction can repair, maintain, and install gutters on your home.


Siding Damage

With heavy winds and hail during storms, siding can become damaged or be stripped from the home. This is especially common in older vinyl siding that has become brittle with time. Replacing damaged siding or installing all new siding can not only repair the damage, but upgrade the look of your home as well.


Wind Damage Repair

Your home can suffer all sorts of damage due to strong winds. The most common wind damage is caused by falling limbs from nearby trees. Branches can damage your roof, siding, gutters, and windows, leading to leaks and exposure to the elements. Tryggr Roofing & Construction can help you repair any damages caused by wind so that your home remains as safe as possible.

Other Storm Damage Repairs

Tryggr Roofing & Construction can handle other storm damage such as fences, metal building damage, shingle replacement, and other home improvements.


In Central Texas and the surrounding areas, Tryggr Roofing & Construction provides quality roofing and construction services to homeowners and building owners. The team at Tryggr Roofing & Construction provides fast, high-quality storm damage repair services in Waco, Texas. We specialize in repairing and replacing roofing, gutters, siding, and other items around the house.

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